Guns Guns Guns & More Guns

Guns, guns, guns! Everywhere there are posts or pins about guns. Three common factors, guns, a whole lot of ugliness and everybody disagrees on one point or another. Come on people where’s the love? Can’t we all just get along? No? O.k. then let’s just shoot it out say round noon in back of Jessie’s farmhouse. Just one more thing, looser digs their own grave because I am not shoveling dirt for anyone.

For years now I have wanted to take a gun safety class and learn how to shoot a firearm but now I have no interest in it. Several things happened, the person (a family member) that I trusted to show me how to shoot a gun/rifle thought it would be really funny to show me for the first time how to shoot a gun by having me do everything wrong. Yes, very funny it was that I couldn’t hear for at least a day followed by ringing in my ear for another few days and I couldn’t move my right shoulder and arm for a week. Really… this is one of the problems isn’t it? Irresponsible attitudes and ownership of weapons not just guns but knifes as well especially when children are involved. That whole “My child and I’ll do what I want with ‘my’ (emphatic whine) on ‘my’ child.” But when it comes to drugs, graffiti or lying the parents have a complete different sense of priority and clarity. There is no room for humor no matter how warped the parent’s attitude about guns when it comes to teaching children about the wrongs of using drugs it’s no laughing matter. Parents lying through their teeth to their child saying to them “I never used drugs” or if they are willing to admit to using drugs they say, “It was the worst thing I ever did and I didn’t even enjoy it.” But when it comes to guns, guns are a whole different matter some parents actually think that their children look ‘awesome, badass’ or  ‘cool’ holding a military style assault weapon as they look upon their child age of ten or younger shooting up all that shit. Yeah that is just so fucking cool cause when it comes to being a parent badass would definitely be a defining term used to express a moment involving guns between an adult and a child. Good God help us!

Hunting? I love the sport of hunting I love the idea of providing meat from a hunt and even though I have been a vegetarian foe most my life I want to learn how to hunt. I wish that I could have hunted with my dad. He did teach me how to make and use a sling shot and that is one of my most fond memories of time spent with my dad. I’m sure to the surprise of many I am not against guns or hunting not that you give a damn either way.

Last I have been watching people that I know assemble small arsenals of guns and ammo in preparation for ‘the day’ or for one of those ‘just in case’ scenario’s.  People tell me I’m paranoid and they are right, I am paranoid and so what. I too don’t just think that ‘the day’ is coming I know it is, we have Gods word on it. Will I be here for it only God knows the answer to that question for each of us? I do know this nowhere in the bible does Jesus tell us to prepare for that day by amassing weapons and ammunition. Seriously and it is not about getting along or agreeing or disagreeing or agreeing to disagree. It is all about addressing the problem that we are faced with regarding the ability of a person, child, teenager, young adult or adult to commit mass murder. Guns are not the issue the problem begins in the home and it ends in a public forum discussion that follows a trail of blood, death and devastating loss. What causes a person to want to take another person’s life or to commit mass murder? Evil, hate, jealousy, envy depravation of values and standards. What, what makes you want to own more weapons than you could ever have a need for? I have no clue but I recently asked a very dear friend and adopted family member this, why are things that I do because I am a lesbian automatically scrutinized but when my brother brings mass amount of guns to my mom’s home some of which are illegal no one cares? She couldn’t answer me. I can easily answer this and soon enough she answered it as well. To most and especially for religious people mine is the blatant sin/wrongdoing and for that religious person ever so easy to throw stones at. However even when it is something that is illegal or unethical like pirating films or music, owning illegal guns, being a felon and owning guns, going shooting with a felon, buying guns and ammunition instead of food or instead of paying your rent or mortgage, it can go on and on and it does it is not relevant because it is inconvenient. Now just fill in gun with drugs, or sex, or drinking or gambling, etc.

Something that I cannot help but take to heart and notice is how my family and all of you are reacting to the possibility of Obama’s executive action concerning gun control regarding The Charters Of Freedom stemming from what happened in Connecticut.  Here I am a lesbian and have had my civil rights as guaranteed by the very same Charters of Freedom not just infringed upon but denied to me because I am a lesbian and not one word from any one of my family members.  I understand the rage and frustration the desire to wield your anger and to do battle over the ‘possibility’ of being denied your right to bare arms. But know this, all of my life I have been denied my rights and some of my life some of those rights by you my family to be treated with equality and respect in my pursuit of happiness. Hohum and a big fat fuck! Guns or my right to pursue my happiness and dreams, guns or my right to marry, guns or my right to hold my partners hand in public or embrace her or kiss her or dance with her without fear of being bashed or killed, guns or my right to have a family, guns or my right to claim and use my partners medical benefits, guns or my right to receive my partners death benefits, guns or my God given right to choice and to love God as I was created by God.

The answer is simple we each of us choose what sin and what laws Gods or mans we are willing to incorporate into our hearts, lives, families, and value system to include murder.  Where am I going with all this? I am going here where I have been many times before; one of the commandments, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Most of you loath yourselves so in turn you loath your neighbor, enough to kill or commit mass murder? Absolutely! Satan is counting on it.

Child Access Protection Laws

Child access protection laws make it a crime for a parent to allow a child access to firearms. Some states hold an adult responsible for storing a firearm in a way that allows a child access to the firearm. Some statutes impose an enhanced penalty if the child injures or kills a person with the firearm. Exceptions exist if the firearm is stored properly in a locked box or secured with a trigger lock, if the firearm was used in self defense, or the child unlawfully enters a home and accesses the firearm.

Parents can also be held criminally liable if they know or should have known their child possessed a firearm and failed to take the firearm from the child. Criminal penalties typically range from a misdemeanor conviction for allowing access to a firearm or a felony conviction if the firearm injures or kills a person.

Carrie Fisher Princess Leia


Carrie Fisher
Oct 21, 1956 – Dec 27, 2016

Carrie Fisher

Do you think that children of celebrities are taught and guided how to transition one step to the next into the role they were born to play throughout their lives, from birth to death and yes sometimes beyond? I imagine growing up surrounded by legends in Hollywood might be a lot like a season of Game of Thrones except without the armor. We have the relentless ability to take pleasure feasting on people’s lives through their public personas without concern for their privacy and their right to it. As fans gorge to their hearts content do you think that any consideration is given to the effects and suffering children of celebrities endure whilst being made into public figures. We don’t really pause or stop to consider the invasive protocols assumed on children thrown into the limelight because of their parent’s fame and at times flamboyant lifestyles that accompany them. Unlike those that crave fame and fortune it’s different for people like Carrie who are born into the life of Hollywood glam with all its benefits and not so glorious side effects.

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Carrie Fisher photographed for TIME on October 27, 2015 in Los Angeles.

It comes too easy for the spectator to lend opinion about the life of a person born into celebrity royalty. Unfortunately, more often than not we give way to fantasy rather chance the truth and reality that for those who inherit this life is more often a living hell.

Yes, it’s all that and more but oh how we prefer to lay the truth to the wayside for all the romance and filigree. We rarely get a glimpse of the other side and this is without question one of the many things that made Carrie Fisher so vital and relevant to women and people who suffer from mental and emotional health issues. Carrie knew immediately that she was born for a good many reasons. To breathe life into her character, Princess Leia was one. So she drew back the curtain stepped onto the set and transformed a character in a film into a real life heroine. In the frenzy that followed her extraordinary performance she spoke to the public without hesitation and made clear the relevance and importance of playing a female lead role with strength and courage and how relative it was for women and art, especially at that time. She never hesitated to keep the record straight about legacy hers and the one she inherited from her mother and father, Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher. At life altering moments in her life or her moms and families she wouldn’t hesitate to expose the truth for the sake of truth beating rag tags to the punch with her own humor and hook.

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Where to from here, we can only pray that her legacy will be protected and honored by whoever inherits it. Not like Fred Astaire whose dance clips from scenes dancing with Ginger Rogers were sold and used in a vacuum cleaner commercial. I’m positive that sitting on her desk or in Carries hard drive are a treasure grove of unfinished, nearly finished or just started works. Let’s hope that they are all realized and brought forth with the dignity and respect that her legacy deserves.

Thank you Princess Leia for jumping off the ledge and showing the world that strength, courage, intelligence and humor in a woman is infinite beauty and can be worn by all women if they so desire independent of charms, makeup or wings. We don’t have to be angels to fly and our destinations are wherever we land and not always feet first and damn it that’s just fine. More than just fine it’s fantastic, loud yell from stage right, makeup, makeup, we need makeup, find a way to cover these blemishes! Carrie yells back… it’s my stage, my broken heart that I have turned into art, now action!

10+ Touching Tributes To Late Carrie Fisher By Artists Around The World


I still don’t feel safe here in Oregon but it’s not because of any strangers but because of my own family. When I was a teenager I came out to my family and neighbors and friends and whoever I came into contact with long enough for me to say, “I’m a lesbian.”

What I got in return was a lot of hate but once again mostly from my family. One of the worse things that happened to me after I came out was my neighbor set me up to be gang raped to teach me a lesson. Afterwards this same neighbor set off to tell everyone how all these guys one after the other had their way with me. I was told that as she got to the point in her story where she would tell them how I was crying and begging for them to stop that she laughed. She thought it was amusing as she watched conversion therapy trying to fuck the lesbian right out of me in real time. No one asked what happened, no one tried to comfort me, instead they just believed her. I asked for it, I deserved it and really I loved every second of it. Two of my sisters called me a slut, that’s how it was back then that’s the great again America trump wants. Anything that had to do with a woman and sex good or bad it was always her fault and or she deserved it and she’s lying cause she enjoyed every bit of it. Even if she was covered in blood and bruises she still deserved it because she wasn’t cooperating and thereby forced the assailant to beat her into submission.

It’s truly a miracle that I never even thought about killing myself when I was growing up, that came much later in my grown up world. It’s not that I wasn’t hurt or destroyed it’s that I knew in that split second I had to be greater than the worse moment of what had happened to me. I also prayed a lot and Gods grace, His love for me was and is what got me through. It just never occurred to me to want to need to give up or to be hateful. I had my Mrs. Fawver too, she was my hero, always rescuing me from bad things from very bad, bad things. She taught me how to bake bread, and collect strawberries and tomatoes from her garden. She got me a job at Fosters Freeze to keep me away from the monsters. She always told me I was a saint but she was the saint.

I’m one in thousands, a lot of kids who are themselves in those specific vulnerable years don’t get to the other side of that degree of sadistic abuse. The hate, the ridicule, the rape and torture and the constant bullying does get the better of them. Some commit suicide and some become the real walking dead for the rest of their lives to their last breath.

I’m grateful for everything we the resistance are doing so far and to all those who are doing it!!! But it’s not enough. We have to be Mrs. Fawver we have to do better and more. We need to be that well oiled machine that does the unbelievable, we are the vessels that God will use to create this national and monumental miracle! Next stage, we need to collect millions and allocate the funds to help people and their families relocate to #Sanctuary states, cities and counties. We need a well funded plan and foundation for support groups, lawyers and bail bonds companies to get people out of jail for false arrest. We must become the keepers of the watch for those who are being targeted, Muslims, LGBTQ, Mexicans, the disabled etc.

Warning everyone is awareness but not means and mobilizing hundreds of thousands of people about to become refugees in their own home on their own homeland is like giving someone a pat on the back, a card that says “It’ll be alright” and an umbrella for the avalanche.


We shouldn’t wait until it’s too late and we’re hiding people who didn’t make it out under floorboards. Everything that has happened since inauguration is not a warning it’s happening, they’ve taken our hard cover books and put them in piles. They think that now they will force us to pour the gas and light the match because they have they’re arm around one of our loved ones. But they’re wrong because they can take nothing from us that truly matters, we won’t relent and we will be each others cover and as the avalanche falls we will transcend and become the light that radiates such great love and warmth that we will become shields holding back the hate and tyranny from our brothers and sisters. We are the resistance, we are not afraid, we shall overcome and we will not be moved!

Sanctuary States, Cities & Counties

If you are feeling threatened in any way in regards to Trump’s executive order and your position as a guest with or without documentation, in this country please do not hesitate to relocate immediately to any of the following states, cities or counties!  Sanctuary also applies to people here in this country without any documentation. If you have children or family I am serious and can not stress the importance of residing in a safe zone. Several places listed here have already broadcast and confirmed their position in regards to protecting you and your right to be here! In addition, to this, some of these states, cities and counties are raising funds for legal aid to help keep you from being deported, imprisoned, having to register, losing your children or being separated from your family. Sanctuary does not apply to those here with criminal infractions and or records. Be assured that it doesn’t matter what you hear from the White House any of the following states, cities and counties are committed to protecting you and your family. The following list comes from, The Center for Immigration Studies via the Texas Tribune.

sanctuary2017byPetra_Maricela_THompson_Violetarojo.png Sanctuary ©Petra Maricela Violetarojo de Cordero

California, Connecticut, New Mexico, Colorado

Cities and Counties

South Tucson

JCalifornia (in addition to all counties)
Alameda County
Contra Costa County
Los Angeles County
Los Angeles
Monterey County
Napa County
Orange County
Riverside County
Sacramento County
San Bernardino County
San Diego County
San Francisco County
San Mateo County
Santa Ana (New)
Santa Clara County
Santa Cruz County
Sonoma County

Colorado (in addition to all counties)
Arapahoe County
Aurora Detention Center
Boulder County
Denver County
Fort Collins
Garfield County
Glenwood Springs
Grand County
Jefferson County
Larimer County
Mesa County
Pitkin County
Pueblo County
Routt County
San Miguel County

Connecticut (in addition to state LEAs)
East Haven
Fairfield County
Hartford County
New Haven
New Haven County
New London County
Tolland County

Broward County
Hernando County
Hillsborough County
Palm Beach County
Pasco County
Pinellas County

Clayton County

Champaign County
Cook County
Des Plaines
Hanover Park
Hoffman Estates

Allamakee County
Benton County
Cass County
Clinton County
Delaware County
Dubuque County
Franklin County
Freemont County
Greene County
Ida County
Iowa County
Jefferson County
Johnson County
Linn County
Marion County
Monona County
Montgomery County
Polk County
Pottawattamie County
Sioux County
Story County
Wapello County
Winneshiek County

Butler County
Finney County
Harvey County
Johnson County
Sedgwick County
Shawnee County

Campbell County
Franklin County
Scott County
Woodford County

New Orleans
Orleans Parish


Baltimore City
Montgomery County
Prince George’s County

Hampden County

Brooklyn Park
Hennepin County
Ramsey County

Douglas County
Hall County
Lancaster County
Sarpy County

Clark County
Washoe County

New Jersey
Middlesex County
Ocean County
Union County

New Mexico (in addition to all counties)
Bernalillo County
Dona Ana County
Luna County
Otero County
Rio Arriba County
San Miguel County
Santa Fe County
Taos County

New York
Franklin County
Nassau County
New York City
Onondaga County
Rensselaer County
Saratoga County
St. Lawrence County
Wayne County

North Dakota
North Dakota State Penitentiary
South West Multiple County Corrections Center

Baker County
Clackamas County
Clatsop, Oregon
Coos County
Crook County
Curry County
Deschutes County
Douglas County
Gilliam County
Grant County
Hood River County
Jackson County
Jefferson County
Josephine County
Lincoln County
Linn County
Malheur County
Marion County
Multnomah County
Oregon State Correctional Institution
Polk County
Sherman County
Springfield Police Department
Tillamook County
Umatilla County
Union County
Wallowa County
Wasco County
Washington County
Wheeler County
Yamhill County

Bedford County (New)
Bradford County (New)
Bucks County (New)
Butler County (New)
Chester County
Clarion County (New)
Delaware County
Erie County (New)
Lebanon County (New)
Lehigh County
Lycoming County (New)
Montgomery County
Montour County (New)
Perry County (New)
Philadelphia County
Pike County (New)
Westmoreland County (New)

Rhode Island
Rhode Island Department of Corrections

Dallas County
Travis County

Winooski (New)
Montpelier (New)

Chesterfield County

Benton County
Chelan County
Clallam County
Clark County
Cowlitz County
Fife City
Franklin County
Jefferson County
King County
Kitsap County
Lynnwood City
Pierce County
Skagit County
Snohomish County
South Correctional Entity (SCORE) Jail, King County
Spokane County
Thurston County
Walla Walla County
Washington State Corrections
Whatcom County
Yakima County

Washington, DC

Milwaukee County


Snow Beach ©Petra Maricela Violetarojo de Cordero

©Petra Maricela Violetarojo de Cordero

If it can happen it will happen to me. Because of current events I have come to the conclusion that leaving is most vital to my own health at this point. I’m not sure if I fell asleep at the wheel but I suddenly find myself inches from a head on collision and just as fast I’m surrounded by four walls. But not to worry I always travel with a pocket full of mustard seed faith, rope and a chalice. The chalice has a multipurpose it can be used as an anchor, or for drawing water from a life raft after being hit by a huge wave and for catching rain, for building castles out of sand and sharing a drink with the one your with. A critter, friend, lover, stranger or even your enemy, you know how it goes… friends close enemies closer. If you hear an unfamiliar knock at your door it might be. I’ll be stopping by here and there on my journey to say hello, fuck, eat, shower, watch a movie or t.v. binge with who… might be you.